Bernie is a RangerRed Boy like his Bro's Bar and Brett.


Bernie is the leader of the RangerRed Boys.Bernie is Brake's male equivalent but he is Brake's friend some how.Even if Bernie is the equivalent of Brake,he still has somethings that Brake has as well,Like the stripes,bracelet kinda of the shoes,and eye color.Bernie is mean,arrogant and kinda nice but not nice all the time! Berine is dangous when he uses his Laser eyes.His friends are the RowdyRuff Boys,RowdyRunk Boys and Brake.Bernie and this team your are a bit powerful then the RowdyRuff Boys.His favourite color is blue red,black,orange and yellow.He also has blue highlights. Bernie doesn't really like to fight too!


  • Laser Eyes
    Bernie and Brake

    Bernie's only friend that's a girl (Brake)

  • Fire whip
  • Heat Vision
  • Fireballs
  • X-Ray vision
  • Super speed
  • Tornado

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