Wtf is going on

Age: 5 Gender: Girl Nicknames: Flame Princess, The Sun, Hot-head

Fireball is hyper, cheerful, and a tomboy. Her ingredient is lava. She has red hair and is usually seen wearing a short-sleeved orange shirt with a black stripe, black shorts, and orange sneakers and socks. Though, just because her element is lava, doesn't mean she's evil. She is a hero like the Powerpuffs. The bangs of her hair are like Boomer's new hairstyle, and has the rest in two long, messy downward pigtails held with two black rubber bands. Others want to know why she barely combs it. 


The Powerpuff Girls 

The Rowdyruff Boys (Sometimes her friends and enemies.)

Sweet Stuff


Valentines's Day (Just for the candy.)

Video Games



Fighting Crime

Fighting the Rowdyruff Boys

The City of Townsville

School (Sometimes)

Her hair


Teasing Brick

Trying to start fights



The Rowdyruff Boys



When Blossom is being bossy

People trying to make her hair neat

Losing in fights

Bad Guys getting away

Being called names

Pulling pranks


Special Powers


Eye lasers

Laser vision

Megablast (Only works with friends.)

Fire breath

Lava storm (When she's angry.)

Sonic Scream

Orange powers

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