The Solarshine girls are the brightest happy trio of girls. They appear in the Powerpuff adventures comic and webshow. Their enemies are Risa The PowerBlood girls the RowdyJerk girls the AntiPuff girls the AntiRuff boys and the AntiPunk girls.


The leader of the group. She is the type of girl you would see with gamboge hair because of what they look like. She loves Blossom, The leader of the Powerpuff girls. She likes relaxing but sometimes she has to go and fight crime with her sisters, Sun and Spark. She lives in Townsville. Her ingredient is Everything superheroish


The calm one of the group. Sun does cry a bit. But sometimes she is always there to help people. She like Bubbles and is friends with her. She fights crime with solar and spark. She lives in townsville. Her ingredient is happiness.

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