The AdventureTime Girls are adventureous and creative.They save the world,too!

Flame Princess(Flame)-Flame Princess is the leader. Her nickname is Flame and her color is bold scarlet.

Fionna(Fi-fi)-Fionna is the most adventurous. Her nickname is Fi-fi and her color is sky blue.

Queen Marceline(Marcy)-Marceline is the most ferocious. Her nickname is Marcy and her color is blood red.

Princess Bubblegum(Bubblegum)-Princess Bubblegum is the smartest. Her nickname is Bubblegum and her color is hot pink.

Lumpy Space Princess(Spacey)-Lumpy Space Princess is the sassiest. Her nickname is Spacey and her color is light violet.

Ice Queen(Icy)-Ice Queen is a little evil. Her nickname is Icy and her color is snowy white.

Lady Rainicorn(Lady)-Lady is the shyest. Her nickname is Lady and her color is bright rainbow.

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