Sakura-Sakura is the unofficial leader of the group.She is sweet, shy and considerate, and is a secret otaku.Sakura is a samurai of perfection for people to stay out of her "personal space bubble".Pfffthah.Sakura is quiet, but still likes to speak what's on her mind, politely in a considerate manner, of course!

Vietnam-Vietnam is stone-cold, and is a bit...tsundere and hard to get close to.She tends to stay quiet, but when the time is right, show her dominance in the conversation, too.Some people are a little scared of her, since she carries aroud a Rice Paddle, but she really is sweet.

Taiwan-Taiwan is a cute, bubbly girl, the complete opposite of her sister, Vietnam.She is very talkative, and likes to take over the conversation when she's speaking.She admires other members of the Asian Puff Girls for their strength and wisdom, and hopes that one day she can grow up to be strong like them.