There are three super heroines for the small town of Naturesville. The team is a group of superpowered sisters named Ellanor, Elmyra, and Edith. Ellanor's ingredient is love, Elmyra's is rain, and Edith's is a bottle of shampane. They also contain chemecal X. They were made by the female  Proff. Ironium. They save the town from The Big Buger Boys, Huffy Cutekins, She, Momo Dodo, Prince, The Bacterea Girls, Bursius, and the Pooypum Girls. Each girl has their own power.

The Betterbuff GirlsEdit


Ellanor is just like Blossom, being her best friend. Ellanor's color is maroon. She is caring, since her ingredient is love.(Ironiom threw in a picture of Utonium in.) She is 7, and the somewhat boss of the group. Her power is flame breath.


Elmyra is like Bubbles, since she is her friend. Elmyra is a bit more violent then Bubbles, sometimes with her stormy attatude. Her power is storms. She is 7. Her color is green.


Edith is the best friend of Buttercup, and the most violant of all. She is 7.  Her color is orange. Her power is screeching to break things.


The Betterbuff's are friends with the PPG, Mayor Moyer, Ironiom, Utonium, Fimber the ferret, and sometimes Huffy.