One day in another town far from Townsville. Their lived a city known as Mirrorville. HIM learned that their is a mirror reflexion for everyone that lives in Townsville. There HIM met HER. Together they made the CrazyCore boys out of Snips, Snail and Puppy-dog tails. With a mixture of Hair and Peices of Rails. With a extra ingredient Chemical Z. Using their ultimate form abilities Dusk, Drake and Dylan aid the RoudyRuff boys to destroy the WonderWorld girls.

Dusk (Puppy-dog tails) Edit

Dusk is the evil male counterpart of Dawn and the leader of the CrazyCore boys. He is the meanest of his team and surprisingly the smartest but always seems to get beat by the Wonderworld girls. Like the RoudyRuff boys dusk fights with his brothers but in battle they work together very well. She is very similar to Brick in anger issue. He strongest power is Moon ray. He absorbs his energy from the moon so he mostley uses his powers at night. It is more painful then Dawn's Sunray.

Drake (Snips, Hair) Edit

Drake is the evil male counterpart of Dove. He is the toughest but quiet one of the team. He cares more about beating up the WonderWorld girls and his style then his own brothers but mostley is style and hair. If anyone messes with his hair he gets super angry and powerful. He is more similar to Butch when it comes to his hair. His strongest power is called DullShower. He can absorb dense objects that allows him to blast dense objects at his opponent. It makes a much bigger bang.

Dylan (Snail, Peices of Rails) Edit

Dylan is the male counterpart of Daisy. He can get pretty loud and is very giggly. His brothers don't like being around him but they hang with him because he is very scary when sad. He gets sad very easily and that is what makes him very dangerous. He is similar to Boomer in a dumber way. His strongest move is known as EruptCry. He only uses this move when he is very sad. With this move he can make the world shake as long as he cries. It can shake anything on land, air or water. Nothing was safe.

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