The CrazyPunk Girls are the evil girls and rulers of the city of EvilTown. They like to cause destruction, Like the PowerPunks do. They are 3 8 year old bullies. Here are the members


Blazer is the leader of the group. She is Blossom's counterpart. Blazer can be bossy and mean at times. She is sisters with Bloody and Brutal. Her element is Everything Evil


She is the violent one of the group. She is like Brute, only way meaner and violent. Sometimes she is a psycho. And sometimes she is calm, too. She is sisters with Blazer and Brutal Her element is weapons.


She is the calm one of the Group. She does smile, but she doesn't smile that much. Brutal has never cries one single tear. She is sisters with Bloody and Blazer. her element is rotten sugar

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