The MysteryMagic Twins don't actually know if they are twins, they just look a lot alike. They are sort of like detectives.They are a great team and they solve lots of mysteries

Dipper-Dipper is the leader of the team. He has brown hair and he always wears his blue jacket,orange shirt,gray shorts,white socks,dark gray shoes,and his white-and-blue pine tree hat. His special power is Pine Tree Needle Shoot. He is the oldest.     Likes-Mabel,books,mysteries,adventures,orange.

Mabel-Mabel is the silliest of the team. She has brown hair and she always wears a sweater,a skirt,white socks,a headband,black shoes,and sometimes earrings.Her speacial power is Shooting Star Blast. She is the middle child.   Likes-Dipper,Waddles,mysteries,sweaters,purple.

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