The PBG are a trio of super villains Who are conterparts of the PowerGoth Girls and hate the powerpuff girls.


The leader of the group her weapons are knives and butcher knives. She is sisters with Dieama and Killme She is Blazer's best friend. Her element is Everything Mean, Pushy and Rude. She is the counterpart/mirror of Billina


  • Death Ray
  • Death Attack (With Dieama and Killme)
  • Death Laser
  • Fire of DOOM


She is the psycho of the group. her weapons are swords. She is sisters with Drill and Killme She is friends with Bloody (CPnkG) Her element is Blood. She is the counterpart/mirror of Brillis


  • Death Blast
  • Death Attack ( With Drill and Killme)
  • Super Death Blast
  • Death Explosion


The calm one who kills a lot of people. Her weapones are knives. She is sisters with Drill and Dieama She is friends with Brutal. Her element is rotten spices.


  • Death Ray
  • Death attack (With Drill and Dieama)
  • Big Explosion
  • Death Beam

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