The Power Punch Boys are the genderbent versions of the Power Puff Girls.

The first member is Blaster he has red eyes and a red blouser but he wears a pink hat just likeBlossom has pink eyes and a pink dress but wears a red bow. Blaster is the smartest of the trio and loves to read like Blossom. He also has orange hair like Blossom. 

The second member is Bubbs he has sky blue eyes a sky blue blouser and blonde hair. Just like Bubbles  he is sometimesx childish and a big crybaby. But you don't want to make him mad or else he will kick your butt real hard.

Buttercrash is the third member he has lime green eyes and a lime green blouser. He has black hair like Buttercup. Like Buttercup he is the toughest of the trio and loves playing sports,kicking butt, teasing Bubbs, and playing video games. The Power Punch Boys were made out of  Water, Pipes, and Everything Right