The Powerpuff Girls are the strongest and sweetest heroines you'll ever meet!!!

Blossom-Blossom is the leader of the group. Her color is pink and she has orange hair and pink eyes.' 

Bubbles-Bubbes is the sweetest of the group. Her color is blue and she has yellow hair and blue eyes.

Buttercup-Buttercup is the toughest of the group. Her color is green and she has black hair and green eyes.

Baloon-Baloon is the coolest of the group. Her color is violet and she has pink hair with a strip of brown and violet eyes.

Baby-Baby is the cutest of the group. Her color is yellow and she has violet hair and yellow eyes.

Blizzard-Blizzard is the most aggresive of the group. Her color is white and she has white hair with baby blue strips and baby blue eyes.

Beauty-Beauty is the shyest of the group.Her color is orange and she has blonde hair and orange eyes.

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