The Season Puff Girls are the City of Talentsville heroines


The Season Puff Girls were made by a three best friends who wants a little sister because their mother can't gie birth anymore. The Season Puff Girls were made with Ice Sword, Paper fan, and Guns with Chemical S

Team MembersEdit


  • Vocaloid Version
  • Puff Version
  • Normal Anime Version
  • PPGD Version
  • Transform Anime Version
  • Bunny Girls

The Leader of the group. She is the smartest one in the group and very calm. She may not look like it but she's a pro gamer. She is smart, calm, and careful though she fought with Bloom lots of time. Her hair is brown and tied to her right with 3 orange pearls. Her eye color is light pink( Her right) and light orange( Her left). She wore an orange headphone with a ribbon on top of it, an orange sailor suit with a dark yellow neck tie and skirts with red ends and a yellow belt, and an yellow boots with orange tops and ends . Her element is Wind and her male counterpart is Blight, Her mirror world counterpart is Blind


The cutie of the group. She is the most girliest of the group. One may not believed it but she is actually the strongest in the group when she's angry and a master at swords, karate and judo. She is polite, sweet, and innocent. Her hair is black and put in twin tail with blue pearl each holding it. Her eye color is light snow. She wore a purple headphone with red highlight, a light blue sailor suit with red ribbon and skirts with 3 layers and a purple, and a blue boots with purple with red ribbons tops and purple ends. Her element is Ice and her male counterpart is Blaze, Her mirror world counterpart is Bruise


The toboy of the group. She is the most rude one of the group. Even though she's 6, she's allowed to use guns because she doesn't kill anyone with her sharshooting skills( 100% Accurate). She is hothead, persistent, and a tsundere( Look it up). Her hair is yellow and tied to the back of her head. Her eye color is turquouise. She wore a green headphone, a turquouise shirt that doesn't cover her stomach and a blue short pants with red lines and a lime green speaker thighs with a yellow boot with blue tops and ends. Her element is Lighting and her male counterpart is Blown, Her mirror world counterpart is Blitz

Special AttacksEdit


Typhoon...( MAX, MED, MIN)

Hurricane Killer

Hurricane Wind

Telekinesis( Rarely)

Cyclone Tempo


Ice Breath

Ice Make Real

Ice Sword

Ice Spear

Ice Hail

Snowstorm Tempo


Lighting Strike

Quatro Gun-o

Thunder Gale

Strike Run